Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Travelling 2013

Hello everybody

And again a year has passed... I don't know, but am I the only one who thinks that time goes faster and faster? For me, 2013 has been a wonderful year! So many good memories... 2013 also was a year full of travelling. I think I've never travelled so often as in the last few months. Probably you've seen some of the following pictures before, as I have uploaded some of them already. But there are also some new ones I want to share with you. I hope you enjoy reading the post and looking at the pictures!

Well, some of you might have recognized the place - it's Dublin! I went there in May with my class for a stay abroad. We had so much fun and I really could improve my English skills. Although Dublin's weather and me probably never will be friends, I enjoyed staying there. There are so many things to do in this wonderful city! Shopping, sightseeing, drinking a Guinness in one of the pubs, just hanging around - the city is really worth a visit!

Then, in my summer holidays, I went to Poland. We've got some friends there, they live near Cracow. If I say it was the time of my life, I really mean it! I had never thought that I could have so much fun there! The Polish people are the nicest in the world. They would give you everything they have! Although I do not speak any word of Polish, I could talk to them in English and we understood each other very well. Cracow is such a beautiful city! I know, it's not the place where you usually think of spending your holidays, but I really don't know why this is the case... Because I will definitely go there again as soon as possible!

Just a few weeks later I went to Berlin with two of my friends. I love this city! On the one hand, it is very fashionable and modern, but on the other hand it is full of history. This year I visited lots of places which have something to do with German National Socialism and Hitler. First, I went to Auschwitz (in Poland), which was very sad to see. Then, for those, who've never been to Berlin, there are lots of memorials and other things which have something to do with World War II. And in November we went to Dachau (near Munich) with school, to see the Concentration Camp there. You probably think right now "why is she telling us all these things?". But I just think that people need to know the whole stuff about what happened during the Second World War, so that it won't happen again. 


Well, but let's move on to a happier subject: sun, sea and beach. As summer passed too fast, I needed to have it back, at least for a few days. I went to Italy (Isola d'Elba) with my family. It was so nice being there! Warm temperatures again (although I was afraid of having a bath in the sea because there were jellyfish), tanning (well, not in my case :D) and just spending the time hanging around. The most weird thing happened when we drove home: we had to pass the Gotthard tunnel, and as we got by, there was lying snow on the ground! In the morning we had had nice summer temperatures and in the evening we saw snow! I was quite reliefed by the fact that a week later I could go to Barcelona to escape the cold weather again.

Yes, and then I went to Barcelona with one of my best friends. We had an awesome time there, really! Actually we did not see lots of things (as we had other priorities), but we had so much fun there! Of course we wanted to go shopping, but we had a big problem: just one suitcase for both of us. But we were so proud that we finally managed to take all the things with us (and we bought a lot)! Then, on another day, we were just realaxing at the beach (la Barcelonetta). It was very warm and we actually could have a bath in the sea (in October). Afterwards we were freezing but that was worth it! And, of course, we also went out in the evening. It was so much fun to go to the clubs there and stay awake until the sunrise. We were so sad when we had to leave this beautiful place again!


Well, this was my 2013... A great year full of fun, pleasure, travelling, hanging out with friends,... I am so thankful for the fantastic time I spent with all the people I love! We had so much fun all the time, it's impossible to mention all the moments which made me laugh so much and will stay in my mind forever (quite kitschy I know). Especially summer time was incredible! 
Honestly, I'm quite curious about what 2014 will bring for me. In half a year I will be starting something completely new, as I will have finished school then. Hope it will turn out great! But if 2014 is going to be just half as nice as 2013, I will have a good year!


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Autumn leaves

Hello everybody

I know it has been a long time since my last post... But, to be honest, I had so many things to do, I could not find the time to shoot some new pictures. Then my friend told me that she still visist this page sometimes to have a look whether there are some new posts... So I thought it is time for a new one (thank you Annina!).
Hope you all enjoy my cardigan, I really love it! The colours are just wonderful and the pattern as well. Unfortunately it has become quite cold here in Switzerland, but anyway, I'm looking forward to Christmas! I love this time, lights and candles everywhere, this typical smell in the air, thinking about what kind of present you could buy... That's christmas time!

Wish you all a nice december time!


cardigan: Anna Field
hat: H&M

Friday, July 26, 2013

Hop on - hop off

Hello everybody

After a long break I am back with a new outfit post. Some of you may have seen the pictures about Poland, the leggins and the shirt I'm wearing on my new photos I bought there. Going shopping is great in Poland, there are nice shops and things aren't expensive...
Well, we shot the pictures early in the morning as we were expecting a hot day. But unfortuately it was already very hot so I was nearly melting in the sun like an ice cream. In the afternoon then we wanted to make a boat tour on the Rhine, but unfortunately the rubber boat had a leak, so we decided to just go to the river and swim an tan there. We had a nice afternoon, altough it was incredibly (and still is) hot. But, you know, people are always complaining about everything. In winter it's too cold and in summer it's too hot. So I try to be happy about the hot days now. Enjoy the summer!

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Shirt: Stradivarius
Leggins: Stradivarius
Shoes: H&M
Jeans Jacket: H&M

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lovely Poland ♥

Hello everybody

I know you had to wait a long time for this post - my last one's nearly two months ago. I'm so sorry! But lots of things happened, I did not have the time and I wasn't in the mood for preparing a new outfit post. So the first thing you see here after my break are some photos of my latest trip to Poland. Maybe you ask yourself now Why did she go to Poland? Well, the answer is simple: I do have some friends there and I visited them. And I can tell you, I had the time of my life! It was just amazing! People there are friendly, they would give you everything they have, honestly! And with my friends I had a lot of fun. I start learning Polish now and next year for sure I'll go back... So I can just recommend you visiting this country, it's beautiful there! Enjoy the pictures!

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Flight to Krakow - beautiful weather!

Town Hall Tower - Krakow

St. Mary's Basilica, Krakow - There are lots of churches in Poland, and some which are really big aren't even important. That was weird for me, as in Switzerland every big church is a famous monument...

Me - Bridge at Vistula river

Amazing painting on a wall in the Jewish quarter

Jewish quarter

Auschwitz - there is a reason why this picture is black and white. It was horrible visiting this place. I had a guided tour in German for about four hours, and I nearly started crying. You can't imagine how these people had to suffer there. I post this picture in remembrance of all the victims which died at that place - Rest in Peace!

Salt mine near Krakow - everything was made out of salt! The guide told us that we are allowed to lick the walls, but we should not eat the monuments. ;) This lustre is made of salt.

Wroclaw - another lovely city

Love padlocks in Wroclaw

Eating cheese cake at Coffee Heaven - Wroclaw

Town Hall Tower by night - Krakow

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pearls and caviar

Hello everybody

Today I want to show you my new nail polish. It's a black so-called caviar nail polish. You could also say it reminds you of pearls. However, when I saw this nail polish, I had to buy it, it was love at first sight.
As you might already know, nail polish and me, we are inseperable. I hate my hands when there is no nail polish on my nails - and when there is, I find them quite acceptable. Usually I have just red colour on my nails, so this one is something special for me. I found a lovely ring in my jewellery box, which I received as a present from my friends. Unfortunately, it's too big for my fingers, as they are very thin. That's quite sad, because otherwise it would be my favourite ring for sure. But I thought for a shooting it doesn't matter if the ring's too big.

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

The escaped prisoner

Hello everybody

Firstly, I must apologize for the long time I've been absent here on Blogger. But I simply did not find any free minute to make a post or to shoot some pictures. Hope you can understand this.

Now I'm back at home. The two weeks in Dublin were amazing. I learned a lot about the culture (which is, in fact, not thaaat different) and met some lovely people. Especially my host mother and my host sister (she's from Dubai) I miss a lot. My host sister offered me these lovely earrings you can see on one of the pictures as a gift when I had to leave. It was very interesting talking to her about her culture and we laughed a lot. She's one of these people you meet and you have the impression to  have already known forever.

Do you know what is really depressing? When I came home, weather was even worse here in Switzerland. It is May! I can't believe some years ago we already went swimming in the river or in the lake at that time. I really hope it gets better soon!

Now to my outfit. The trousers I bought in Dublin (there are lots of lovely shops). When I showed them to my mother, she laughed. Then I asked her why she was laughing and she told me that I looked like somebody who just escaped from prison. 
Anyway, I hope you like the outfit. Tomorrow school starts again, although I have not been there for only two weeks I can't really remember what it is like. But everyday life will come again too soon.

I'm happy about every comment, so leave me your impression about the outfit or the blog in general.


Trousers: Vero Moda
Bag: Penneys
Shoes: Voegele Shoes
T-Shirt: H&M
Jacket: H&M
Earrings: Accessorize