Saturday, May 11, 2013

la jupe plissée

Hello everybody

The today's outfit consists of a plissée skirt. I really love this kind of material, it looks like summer. Unfortunately, sun isn't really shining today... However, I decided that the time for a new outfit post has come. 

I'm very excited because tomorrow I'm leaving for Dublin. I'm going to stay abroad with my class for about two weeks. I've never been to Ireland before and I'm really looking fordward to going to. Unfortunately, as I've found on, weather won't be that nice for the next few days. There will be some rain, but I really hope that it will get better afterwards, as I hate rain. You get wet and then you are cold and you become annoyed. 
We're going to stay in host families during the two weeks and, unfortunately, we're also going to have to go to school. But we are going to have a lot of free time and plenty of activities. I'm just excited! And of course I will take lots of pictures and give you some impressions of the city, which is surely a really beautiful one. 

shoes: H&M
jupe: vintage
shirt: H&M
glasses: jennyfer


  1. Love the skirt! Follow you now xjes

  2. adore the flowy look :) and you look amazing!

    thanks for dropping by!

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  3. It looks just amazing, I would wear it any time XD


  4. followed back <3

  5. Hey girl, I simply love this outfit! You look stunning in this skirt. The top with the bow is so cute and perfectly matches the beautiful countryside! Thanks for your lovely comment, keep up the great work ;) Kisses from New York


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