Wednesday, May 1, 2013

my other bag is CHANEL

 Hello everybody,

Well, today was quite nice because we had a day off (because it is the 1st of May), so I didn't have to go to school. Unfortunately, I had to work, as I work in a Café to earn some money. But I like the work, and today it was really nice because a lot of people came, as the weather was quite good. I prefer having a lot of work because time passes very fast then. Tomorrow will be school again, but I'm really confused with the days when we have a day off. I always think that today is a Sunday, but in fact it's Wednesday. So in two days there will be weekend again! :) yeah!  

My today's outfit is kind of a sweet one. The bag, which says My other bag is CHANEL is self-made. Well, not really self-made, but it was printed only for me. Do you know these shops where you can print photos on a fabric bag? I've seen quite a lot of these bags, and I really like them, because often there are written really funny things on them. Do you have such a bag as well? 

pullover: Pimkie
bag: self-made
shoes: goertz 17
tights: H&M
skirt: Pimkie
trench-coat: pimkie


  1. Thank you for a nice comment. Great outfit, you are very pretty. Following you now ;o)

  2. love that bag!! Thanks for stopping by :) following yoU~

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