Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pearls and caviar

Hello everybody

Today I want to show you my new nail polish. It's a black so-called caviar nail polish. You could also say it reminds you of pearls. However, when I saw this nail polish, I had to buy it, it was love at first sight.
As you might already know, nail polish and me, we are inseperable. I hate my hands when there is no nail polish on my nails - and when there is, I find them quite acceptable. Usually I have just red colour on my nails, so this one is something special for me. I found a lovely ring in my jewellery box, which I received as a present from my friends. Unfortunately, it's too big for my fingers, as they are very thin. That's quite sad, because otherwise it would be my favourite ring for sure. But I thought for a shooting it doesn't matter if the ring's too big.

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Thank you my dears!

Hope you enjoy the pictures, leave me a comment! 


  1. wow great look! shall we follow? let me know xse

  2. I always liked caviar nails, but never tried it on mine.
    Haven't seen black till now, you made me wanna try :)

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    Lots of love,

  3. Great post! :)

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  4. Nice post!
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!

  5. amazing rings! love them!!!Shall we follow each other? i love comment and browse blogs i followed!
    Pls leave a message if u follow me , i will follow back soon~ lol

  6. That ring is gorgeous! I'm not a fan of that kind of big rings but this one is really beautiful, so bad it's too big!

    However, what about following each other? Let me know (:


  7. Hey, ich hab dich getagt, vielleicht hast du ja Lust mit zu machen :) - würde mich freuen.

    Lg Juli

  8. Ohh, your nails look great! I have a similar one but in a browny colour, I need to try it out!

    Corinne x

  9. Hey!
    I just came across your blog and I think it's great! You are so gorgeous and I totally love your outfits!
    You have a new follower now ;)
    xx Julia

  10. heea,
    hübscher Blog!♥
    Schau doch mal bei meiner Blogvorstellung vorbei!
    liebste Grüße,
    Jessi ;*


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