Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring break

Hello my dears

After a long break I am here with a new post again. As you can see, in Switzerland spring broke out. I really enjoy being outside at the moment, looking at all these beautiful flowers and feeling the warm sunrays on my skin! Can't wait for summer!
Actually, the pictures you can see here were not really shot for making a post but just for my instagram account (, so I'm sorry they are a little bit all the same. But as a friend of mine (thank you Annie!) told me she still visits my page to look for an update, I thought I cannot disappoint her and decided to upload these photos for you. Hope you enjoy them! 
The t-shirt I wear is my favourite one at the moment. It was love at first sight when I saw it in the store. Do you know this feeling? You see something and you just need to buy it, doesn't matter how much it costs. Fortunately, the t-shirt was not really expensive.

At the moment I am having spring holidays. But actually I am very busy, as I am working a lot and still have to do some things for school. In June I'm going to have my final exams, so I need to read some books at the moment to prepare for it. I'm not really excited yet, but I'm worried about the time that will come afterwards. I have no idea what to do then! I decided not to go to university this summer, but to take a year off. Now I really need to think of what I want to do during this few months. There are lots of ideas in my mind but all of them have got their disadvantages. At the moment I would like to be a flight attendant, but we'll see... I'll tell you as soon as I know it.

Next week I'll go to Amsterdam with my friend. I'm really looking forward to this trip, I'm so excited! For sure I'll make a post about it afterwards, where I'll show you the best pictures and tell you about my experiences! Hope you'll be on this page again and read it! :)

I wish you a nice and flowery day, xx


t-shirt: pimkie
trousers: h&m
shoes: h&m

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