Friday, May 2, 2014

Amsterdam ♥


Probably you've already read in my last blog post that recently I was travelling to the Netherlands, to be exact, to Amsterdam. Now I want to share my experiences with you, I hope you enjoy reading this text! :)

I visited the beautiful capital of Holland together with one of my best friends. We actually went on vacation together for the second time, and we always go on very well with each other. I guess, the reason for this is that we are quite similar about what we want to visit and what we want to do. We both are interested in culture and want to do some sight-seing, but shopping, relaxing and going out is important as well.

We flew from Zurich to Amsterdam Schiphol on Sunday evening. So it was already quite late when we arrived, and it was freezing. Unfortunately, we had a funny (but sweet) little hostel outside the city, and we had no idea about how to get there. So the first thing we did was to take a taxi. Just as an information, taxis are quite expensive in Amsterdam.;) Well, although the hostel was somewhere in the nowhere it was a very nice choice! The staff was just wonderful, so friendly! We slept in little caravans, which was something you have to get used to, but it was a nice experience! And anyway, for holidays in Amsterdam it was just great staying there, as we wanted to relax in the evening and to use the advantage of being able to buy something you are not allowed to in most of the other countries. ;)

On the first day, we went shopping. In Amsterdam you can find lots of little shops with nice clothing (sometimes, unfortunately, a little expensive). So we nearly spent all our money already on the first day.

On the second day we went to visit some important places. We made a tour inside the Palace of the King, saw lots of the Grachten, visited the Sex Museum. Initially, we intended to visit the Anne Frank Huis as well, but when we saw the enormous queue, we decided that it was not worth it.

On the third day we went to Zandvoort Aan Zee, a nice little town next to the North Sea. It was lovely there! I won't show you any photos of it now as we took a lot of pictures there, so I will make an own post for it soon.

We had such a nice stay there, I would definitely go there again! And honestly, I can't wait to travel again soon. Unfortunately, first I will have to write my final exams in June. However, in July we'll go on a trip to Spain with the whole class, as our last shared experience. On the one hand, I'm really looking forward to finishing school and kind of starting something new, but on the other hand I will surely miss the people and probably school soon, too.

Well, actually I did not intend to talk about this, as the post is about the beautiful city of Amsterdam. However, hope you enjoyed reading it and hope you like the pictures as well. 

Bye for now, xx


The Palace

Actually you might thing I was not happy there because on all the pictures I look a little bit sad - but I was happy! The problem was just that I had caught a cold and that I could not really breath through my nose. Did you know that it's quite difficult then to smile for a photo? ;)

One of the numerous Coffeeshops

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