Friday, June 27, 2014

Gone with the wind

Hi! :)

In my last post I promised you some pictures we shot at the beach of Zandvoort aan Zee (Netherlands). When we visited Amsterdam this spring, we decided to spend one day at the North Sea as well. The weather was great, although it was a little bit windy that day. So that's the first explanation of today's title. The other one is that I've finally finished school! I'm so happy at the moment! We had our last tests this week and today we got our results. I can't believe it's over! I had such wonderful four years together with my classmates and I will really miss them! But now I am free, a new life starts for me, I could do anything I want to, I'm 'gone with the wind', one could say. It's the first time in my life I can decide on myself what I want to do. Well, I decided to go to grammar school on myself as well, but now I can choose any way I want to. It's a very special feeling! 

So I hope you enjoy the pictures and I really hope that I'll have more time to take photos in the near future now that I don't have to study anymore!


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