Saturday, January 31, 2015

Winter Wonderland

Hello :)

And again a lot of time has passed since I last posted something here on my blog. So for today I have a very special post: no pictures of me (except from one), but photos of my trip to Finnish Lapland this Christmas. It was incredibly beautiful there, so I thought you should see the pictures of it as well. Actually it was quite cold, that's the reason why we had to wear lots of clothes. But except from this, it has just been wonderful! We didn't have any internet, we weren't available all the time - a great experience in today's world. I would definitely do it again - although it was my first Christmas away from my family and just with my boyfriend. 

Apart from this holiday, I am still working until the end of July. Then, in September, I'm going to start university. I cannot wait! I plan to study English and History, as I want to become a teacher. For a really long time I wasn't actually sure what subject I wanted to study, and then - suddenly - I knew it. Do you know this feeling? When you're all at a sudden sure about something? 

Well, as I am not really fond of working, I am looking forward to being able to study and to learn things again. I am definitely the person who prefers studying to working!

Enjoy the winter season and - if possible - the snow!


The hut where we lived in.

Me - as you can see, it was dark very often. We just had about five hours of sun light per day.

A reindeer

The sunrises and sunsets were always incredibly beautiful!

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